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Thank you for visiting my campaign site!  

I ask for your support in my campaign to return as your Commissioner of the Revenue.  Why is it so important?

Because Experience Matters  

  • 20 years working for Chesterfield taxpayers.
  • 14 years managing the Commissioner's Office.
  • 2 years managing the Treasurer's Office.
  • A leader in technological advancement 
    • team leader in development of the comprehensive new tax management system in use today by both offices
    • saving taxpayer dollars and improving processes
    • freeing staff to maintain the human experience in customer service 

Because Security of Your Personal Information Matters

  • 20-year track record of safeguarding your confidential data
  • I will reinstate effective measures to prevent security breaches and identity theft.

Because Accountability Matters

  • I will permit annual operational audits of my office to restore taxpayer trust.  This includes an extensive review of office procedures, to ensure proper controls are in place, in addition to the financial audits already required.  
  • I will provide full disclosure and transparency on matters directly impacting taxpayers.

Because You Deserve a Full-Time Commissioner

  • On the job working for you
  • Consistently accessible to serve your needs

Because Character Matters

  • I am a person of verifiable honesty and integrity, which I believe is an important difference in the world today, and certainly in the role of commissioner.

Because Commitment Matters

  • Commitment comes best from passion, and I love this community.
  • I have a passion for serving others and a proven track record of excellent customer service.

With your support and your vote on November 5, 2019, I will return as Commissioner of the Revenue and restore the office to the standards of integrity, responsibility, and leadership you deserve.  Thank you for your support.

- Tim McPeters

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